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Farm & Ranch Acreage around the Lake   Montgomery County NW
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The search located 92 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
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MediaAbstract/SubdivisionList PriceAcresLand UseAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
PH M Elijah Collard A-7 $11,000,000.0047CATTL,HRSAL,RSORT,UNRST13036 Bruce0/000126
PH M Del Lago $9,750,000.0036UNRST157 La Costa0911
PH M Zachariah Landrum Survey A-22 $8,712,000.00396CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,UNRST22805 Old Plantersville0891
PH M Other $6,650,000.0035CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST10225 Longmire Road3/3222313$2,875.051941
VT PH M Zachariah Landrum $5,852,250.00260CATTL,HRSFM,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST10983 FM 14901071
PH M 1097 $4,840,000.006MOBIL10100 FM 109701069
VT PH M LANDRUM ZACHARIAS $4,449,000.00146HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST11909 Womack Cemetery5/6637871$565.24100
PH M Zacharias Landrum A-22 $4,352,000.00128CATTL,HRSAL,HUNTG0 FM 1490138
PH M n/a $4,300,000.0082CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST12805 Pearson3/4445774$744.72184
PH M n/a $4,000,000.0054HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST20210 FM 28544/5335199$769.3857
PH M none $3,874,500.00287CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR25040 Gay Lake RD4323544$1,093.26517
VT PH M Rogers Raleigh $3,800,000.0035CATTL,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,RSORT,UNRST20040 Keenan Cut Off4569210$412.60100
VT PH M Rural $3,800,000.00115CATTL,HRSFM,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL13955 Lake Mount Pleasant082
PH M NONE $3,500,000.0035OTHER,UNRST Eva Street0503
VT PH M Unrestricted $3,500,000.0053CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST22150 Blue Goose5/644163
PH M None $3,475,000.001CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,RSORT,UNRST11134 Shepard Hill11/1311411656$298.13325
PH M Zachariah Landrum Abs 22 $3,300,000.0030CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,OTHER2225 Spring Branch56410134$325.64259
PH M Abstract Area 3 $3,200,000.0053UNRST19202 Keenan Cutoff0176
PH M Collard E $2,999,000.0011HRSAL,UNRST11775 Thousand Trail6537500$399.87241
PH M Rural $2,515,000.00195CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,OTHER5180 Spring Branch0196
PH M Other $2,500,000.00483CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,OTHER,RSORT0 jackson rd0641
VT PH M James Lee Surv A-316 $2,450,000.0017CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST19461 Mount Pleasant5/6436258$391.5028
VT PH M Collard E $2,250,000.006HRSAL,UNRST10236 Longmire0569
PH M OWEN SHANNON $2,225,000.0032HRSAL,UNRST21302 W Fm 10974/5445901$377.05363
PH M A0021 Landrum William $1,950,000.0082CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,RSTRC25029 Gay Lake4/5405150$378.64143
PH M OWEN SHANNON $1,950,000.0032HRSAL,UNRST21302 W Fm 10974/5445901$330.4597
PH M no subdivision $1,900,000.0050TIMBR14525 Peterson01196
VT PH M NA $1,850,000.0046CATTL,HRSAL,UNRST4151 S FM 14860/000313
VT PH M None $1,800,000.0042CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST901 Huffman4322664$675.68958
PH M Martin Neal $1,795,000.006MOBIL,UNRST12658 FM 10974/5225114$351.00641
PH M Unrestricted $1,550,000.0046CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST0 Bluegoose299
PH M Rigsby Ben J $1,437,500.0011CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,OTHER,RSTRC Lone Star Parkway0499
PH M Other $1,275,000.0053CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,OTHER,UNRST2582 N Mount Mariah3/3304144$307.67184
VT PH M Lindley Joseph $1,250,000.0025CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,TIMBR,UNRST10740 Shepard Hill3/4303197$390.99146
PH M None $1,236,900.0017UNRST13848 Longstreet0363
PH M none $1,200,000.001CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST12398 Fm 1493/3221583$758.057
PH M None $1,199,000.0046CATTL,HRSAL,HUNTG,MOBIL,RSTRC12995 Fm 1493/3222280$525.88141
PH M n/a $1,118,040.0019HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,RSTRC1050 College0769
PH M Rigsby Ben J $1,100,000.004OTHER,UNRST22985 Highway 1053/4323552$309.68386
PH M SCO NW QUAD CCO FRONT SH105 W $1,045,000.0036OTHER,UNRST12824 HWY 1050660
VT PH M None $1,008,000.0036CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL0 Gay Lake RD0505
PH M High Meadow Estates $999,999.0028RSTRC1 Texas Trace0535
PH M Rural $995,000.0044CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST13090 BETHEL RD3221368$727.34497
PH M Point Aquarius $995,000.004UNRST0 FM 10970356
PH M n/a $989,000.0021HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST5603 Sapp1010017948$55.10168
PH M Abstract Area 17 $983,130.0032CATTL,HRSFM,LEISR,UNRST21369 Arnsworth Rd0384
PH M 2008.1 - A-8 John Corner, A-31 Ben Rigsb $954,000.0021UNRST15430 FM 1490327
PH M Grand Harbor 01 $895,000.009LEISR21211 W Fm 1097 Rd3332003$446.8371
PH M None $875,000.0011CATTL,HRSFM,LEISR,UNRST24650 FM 10974/4423686$237.38141
PH M No $850,000.0031UNRST7148 N FM 148605392$157.64108
PH M SHANNON OWEN $840,000.0042CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST21087 Arnsworth Road048
M George Galbraith Surv A-242 $816,750.0015HRSAL,UNRST7476 Jackson101614$506.048
PH M HAMLET R G $795,000.0011UNRST15973 N Rabon Chapel0910
PH M Unrestricted $784,000.0010HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST12453 Bethel4/5304116$190.48239
PH M Area 19 $769,000.008CATTL,HRSAL18440 Old Danville3423471$221.5518
PH M Benjamin Rigsby Abs 31 $750,000.0016HRSAL23622 Sharp3202861$262.1519
PH M Raleigh Rogers Survey $725,000.0010UNRST20350 FM 28540142
PH M Abstract Area 1 (Richards FM 1097) $699,000.003UNRST215 E Fm 10970960$728.13127
PH M Hodge Archibald $680,000.0033HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST7906 Hodge320848
PH M other $650,000.0012HRSAL,MOBIL,RSORT,UNRST12445 Thompson273
VT PH M Other $649,888.005HRSAL24855 Cedar Ridge4/4323499$185.74170
VT PH M Saddler John $600,000.007CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR11472 Blackland4323690$162.60278
PH M Fawn Forest $599,000.004HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST25366 Fawn Forest4/4342964$202.0922
PH M Landrum Village $575,000.0014HRSFM,HRSAL23424 Landrum Village/3202445$235.17113
PH M Hill Creek 03 $560,000.0010HRSAL,RSTRC25821 Taylor3222460$227.64505
PH M 99999 $560,000.0014UNRST25290 TX-105 West058
PH M Saddler John $550,000.0020CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST0 Blackland0103
PH M N/A $549,500.0025CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST22305 Bailey Grove3/4201922$285.90197
VT PH M None $540,000.005HRSAL,UNRST3950 FM 14863232215$243.79534
PH M MCINTYRE D $499,000.009UNRST0 Farm to market 14850143
PH M BENJAMIN RIGSBY ABS 31 $495,000.0010TIMBR,UNRST23667 Sharp3/3211320$375.006
PH M Fleming August $465,000.0011CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST23404 Martha Williams Rd4/4303397$136.89342
PH M none $457,162.0037CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST0 Fm 2562023
PH M none $449,900.0031HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,TIMBR,UNRST0 FM 14861/10576$781.0826
PH M None $449,900.0016CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,MOBIL,OTHER,TIMBR,UNRST7520 Jackson3102478$181.5640
PH M Owen Shannon Abs 36 $440,000.004HRSAL,LEISR,OTHER,UNRST16259 Fm 1491161520$289.4712
PH M n/a $397,575.0014TIMBR,UNRST0 Blackland Road085
PH M Kinkaid Farms $285,000.006CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,RSTRC18859 Kinkaid Rd W0408
PH M White Ann (14 +/- acres) $277,500.0014CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,TIMBR,UNRST FM 148600191
PH M Steede Rd $261,885.0015HRSFM,LEISR,OTHER14549 Steede01049
PH M other $249,000.0010MOBIL,UNRST20334 Bays Chapel2/2201054$236.2412
PH M Hill Creek $135,000.003HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST0 Amber Jack0108
PH M Hill Creek $130,000.002HRSAL,MOBIL,OTHER,UNRST0 Wyatt Road0167
PH M George Galbraith Survey $120,000.002OTHER7516 Jackson0/0000428
PH M Crown Ranch 01 $112,000.001HRSAL,OTHER,RSTRC26124 Buckland0389
PH M Lake Ck Ranchettes 04 $107,000.007CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST0 Aggie Ln0/000264
PH M Jackson Run $99,000.004HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST Kentucky Derby012
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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